Games Localization Report 

Highlights from the Report

"GAMEVIL COM2US uses memoQ terminology management to meet deadlines that often span just hours and flexible licensing and usage needs for a distributed, global workforce working in different time zones."

"Localization managers within buyer companies are usually the ones to contact. The usual pain points are keeping costs down and proving the ROI of localization to specific markets."

"Gaming was a USD 138bn market in 2018. The game localization sector comprised about 1% of that grand total at USD 1.3–1.4bn."

The Games Localization Report Will Help You Discover

  • Information about the market size
  • Major providers
  • Major buyers
  • Gaming in Japan and China
  • The role of language services in the industry
  • Main buyer case studies e.g. GAMEVIL COM2US
    and 24 pages.



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