Freedom, Security, and Robustness

When memoQ server was first introduced 15 years ago to provide a comprehensive translation environment, buying a perpetual license was the only option available.

We introduced memoQ cloud in 2014, a new deployment method, that simultaneously brought a new licensing model, subscriptions.

Since then, we have been working hard to deliver more flexible options for memoQ server deployment and licensing to meet the demand of all translation industry players.  

New Offering from 2019

Now you can have both the security and robustness of an on-premise memoQ server deployment and the many advantages of subscription licensing.

In other words, deployment and licensing are now separated—cloud and subscription are no longer bound together.

We have created a guide to compare your options and explain the value of each for your business needs.

Download it now by filling out our short form.

Check out our video about the new offering for memoQ server!